FOD Incident: Westjet B737, tyre damage on takeoff

This incident provides a compelling reason to install a FOD detection system. If the debris had not been spotted then not only would it have endangered aircraft at Toronto, but the aircraft with the blown tyre would not have been aware of the problem. Ironically, if this flight had been from Vancouver to Toronto then the Tarsier system installed at Vancouver would have alerted airport staff of the problem within minutes.

Incident: Westjet B737 at Toronto on Apr 2nd 2010, tyre damage on takeoff

ZA Westjet Boeing 737-700, registration C-GWBX performing flight WS-699 from Toronto,ON to Vancouver,BC (Canada), took off Toronto’s runway 23 without apparent incident and climbed to cruise level on its way to Vancouver.

A short time later the crew of another departing aircraft reported considerable tyre debris on the runway. The runway was closed for about 30 minutes and airport staff collected the debris. Westjet staff determined, that the tyre debris might belong to one of their aircraft.

When flight 699 was near Calgary,AB about 3 hours into the flight, the company advised the crew of the possible tyre damage and had the airplane divert to Calgary, where the airplane landed safely on runway 16 and was disabled on the runway with a flat tyre. The airplane was towed off the runway about 10 minutes after landing.


Source (Aviation Herald)

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