FOD Incident: wheel damage on takeoff

A PSA Airlines Canadair CRJ-200 on behalf of US Airways, registration N244PS performing flight JIA-539/US-2539 from Charlotte,NC to Mobile,AL (USA), had departed Charlotte’s runway 18C when a number of tyre fragments were spotted prior to intersection with taxiway E4. The airplane levelled off at 11000 feet and returned to Charlotte’s runway 18C for a safe landing about one hour after departure, turned off the runway onto taxiway E3 and stopped past the hold short line.

An inspection revealed the inboard left hand main tyre and wheel had been damaged, the according hydraulic system had failed in the meantime. The aircraft was shut down, the passengers disembarked onto the taxiway and were bussed to the terminal. Engineers are currently inspecting the left hand engine for possible ingestion of debris.

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Source: Aviation Herald

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