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The FODFinder XM from Trex Enterprises is now listed in the directory of products (link).

Here’s the whole article:

fodfinder xm

The only mobile foreign object debris (FOD) detection and retrieval system selected by FAA for its Advisory Circular, and which can be purchased using AIP grant funds. In the last year, the FOD Finder has detected and removed over 10,121 objects from U.S. commercial airports saving them, aircraft owners, and aircraft insurance companies more than $39 million in repairs to aircraft and lower insurance rates based on a Boeing study. FOD Finder is also available in fixed and transportable systems for continuous 24/7 surveillance of runways and construction areas.  All systems are integrated with a digital part 139 airfield management and reporting system to include ARFF, Fuel, Spills, Wildlife and all required checklist items.  Automated reporting with pictures and work order tasking and tracking.  Electric vehicle/vacuum option available.  Trex 365 World class support 24 hours a day.  Return on investment is less than 60 days.  Visit our demo units at Chicago O’Hare, Honolulu International or San Diego.  Call +1 (858) 646 5553 for a webinar or on site demo.

The “return on investment is less than 60 days” is quite a bold claim, it would be nice to see how this was calculated. And just in case there was any doubt from the image, Trex Enterprises is an American company :-)

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