Pavemetrics enters FOD detection market

LFODPavemetrics Systems Inc has entered the FOD detection market with its Laser FOD detection (LFOD) system. The system is vehicle mounted and therefore has more in common with the FOD Finder system from Trex, than with the fixed systems. LFOD relies on laser technology, whereas FOD Finder is a radar system.

From the Pavemetrics’ website:

Pavemetrics Laser Foreign Object Debris (LFOD) detection system uses high-speed cameras, custom optics and laser line projectors to acquire both 2D images and high-resolution 3D profiles of airport runways, taxiways and aprons in order to automatically detect even the smallest objects at highway speeds.

The LFOD system can be operated both during daytime and night-time as well as under all types of lighting conditions; surfaces lit by the sun or covered by shadows as well as various pavement types ranging from dark asphalt to concrete can be scanned at inspection speeds from 0 to 100km/h.


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