The Ultimate FOD?

You have to feel sorry for the Brits, not only has the launch of the Apple iPad in the UK been delayed by a month (yes, I was eagerly awaiting one) but now they can’t even fly to the US to pick one up, at 12:00 today UK airpsace will be closed due to what can only be described as the ultimate FOD event, here’s the news from the BBC:

Airline passengers are facing massive disruption across the UK after an ash cloud from a volcanic eruption in Iceland grounded planes.

The Air Traffic Control Service (Nats) said no flights would be allowed in or out of UK airspace from midday to 1800BST amid fears of engine damage. The restrictions were imposed after the Met Office warned the ash was sufficient to clog engines.

This is one situation that would not benefit from a FOD detection system.

ash cloud

Source (BBC)

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