FOD Incident: United Airlines B763 at Washington on May 8th 2010, damaged tyre on takeoff

A United Airlines Boeing 767-300, registration N652UA performing flight UA-950 from Washington Dulles,DC (USA) to Brussels (Belgium) with 176 passengers and 11 crew, had departed Dulles runway 01R and was climbing through 9000 feet about 5 minutes into the flight, when the crew was informed tyre debris had been found on the runway. The crew levelled off at 10000 feet and decided to stay in the Metropolitan area, burned off fuel and returned to Dulles runway 30 for a safe landing 2.5 hours after takeoff.

The flight was cancelled.

The airport reported that a section of the runway pavement was found missing after the debris was spotted. The runway was closed for short term repairs. There is a distinct possibility of a link between the pavement and the tyre damage.

Source (Aviation Herald)

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