Airports Council International Focuses on Airport Operational Excellence

The ACI World Annual General Assembly Press Conference took place on 2nd November 2011 in Marrakech, Morocco. At the conference, members unanimously passed three resolutions reiterating their intent to promote safe operations in a global regulatory environment. One of the resolutions was based around safety and operational excellence:

In the area of safety and operational excellence, the airport members unanimously passed a resolution on runway safety. The resolution calls for ACI to produce a new Runway Safety Handbook to provide state of the art guidance to airport members. “We understand that some of the contributing factors in runway accidents are under the responsibility of airport operators,” said ACI Director of Safety, Technical and Administration David Gamper. “These contributing factors include runway surface conditions, visual aids, foreign object debris and wildlife hazards. We also believe that Runway Safety Committees are needed at all airports, for all partners (ATC, airlines, pilots etc.) to discuss safety risks and agree on suitable mitigations. ACI will produce a new guidance document based on the existing Airside Safety Handbook, which will present best practices and assist members with abating the causes of runway accidents.”

Read the full article here (Focus on Travel News Website)

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