FCC grants waiver to TREX to use restricted frequency to detect foreign debris on airport runways

 The Federal Communications Commission has issued a final rule that grants a waiver to TREX Enterprises Corp., of San Diego, CA, to use the restricted 78-81 GHz band when it operates its “foreign object debris” (FOD) detection radar equipment at U.S. airports, where such debris can be hazardous to airplanes landing and taking off.

Source (Government Security News)

SUMMARY: In this document, the Federal Communications Commission 
(Commission) amends its rules to permit the certification, licensing, 
and use of foreign object debris (FOD) detection radar equipment in the 
78-81 GHz band. The presence of FOD on airport runways, taxiways, 
aprons, and ramps poses a significant threat to the safety of air 
travel. FOD detection radar equipment will be authorized on a licensed 

Source (US Government Printing Office)

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