Stratech’s iFerret wins tender for installation at Hong Kong International Airport

Details of the sale can be found below in the press release. I would take some of it with a pinch of salt, the marketing department has clearly had quite a bit of influence over the press release.

“iFerret is indeed the future of airfield safety and security!”

I’m not sure one sale makes any product “the future” of any product category.

Singapore Exchange Mainboard listed Stratech Systems Limited (“Stratech”) is pleased to announce that its iFerret™ intelligent Airfield/Runway Surveillance and Foreign Object & Debris (FOD) Detection System has won in a tender for an Automated FOD Detection System at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

This was achieved in cooperation with Dah Chong Hong – Dragonair Airport GSE Service Ltd. (DAS), who was awarded two contracts with a total value of around HK$280 million (approximately US$36.88 million) by the Airport Authority of Hong Kong (AAHK) for (1) the Design, Supply and Installation of an Automated FOD Detection System (Electro-optical System); and (2) the Maintenance of the Automated FOD Detection System (Electro-optical System) for a period of 60 months, plus an option for a further 24 months. DAS is a joint venture between Dah Chong Hong (Motor Service Centre) Ltd. and Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Ltd.

Stratech Executive Chairman, Dr. David K.M. Chew, commented, “We are honoured that our state-of-the-art iFerret™ has been selected to be installed at Hong Kong International Airport, one of the prominent international airport hubs and home to one of the finest airlines in the world. In this tender, we have again clearly won over the other systems. iFerret™ is indeed the future of airfield safety and security!”

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