FAHM 2015 FOD & Hazard Management – Heathrow Airport, 23rd & 24th June 2015

New FOD conference, details below (announced on the FOD LinkedIn group by Daren Quinn):


Effectively understanding and managing the effects of Foreign Object Debris (FOD) as well as the Aerodrome and its surrounding habitat is critical to aviation safety. Through the FOD and Habitat Management Conference, industry leading experts will discuss the risks, controls, Safety Management Systems, procedures and technologies that the industry adopts to keep its passengers safe.

We don’t need to be reminded of the real life risks that these pose, high profile incidents such as Concord or US 1589 (Hudson River) are prime examples of what the industry face every day.

The conference will focus on key areas…

*Managing FOD comparing both conventional inspections with the growth industry of automated FOD detection

*The NEW and increasing risk of flying – UAV’s. The growing threat to aviation

*Looking at how industry tackles Bird Hazard Management on aerodromes and within its surrounding environment, looking at direct wildlife contact to scanning the skies with Avian RADAR.

*The wider wildlife threat. In many locations an extreme of wildlife pose a threat including Deer, Foxes, Big Cats (Cougars) as well as elephants and giraffe

The effects of all the above. Counting the emotional loss, financial costs and damages that this can create and the resources that are deployed to prevent such occurences.

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