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FAHM 2015 FOD & Hazard Management – Heathrow Airport, 23rd & 24th June 2015

New FOD conference, details below (announced on the FOD LinkedIn group by Daren Quinn):


Effectively understanding and managing the effects of Foreign Object Debris (FOD) as well as the Aerodrome and its surrounding habitat is critical to aviation safety. Through the FOD and Habitat Management Conference, industry leading experts will discuss the risks, controls, Safety Management Systems, procedures and technologies that the industry adopts to keep its passengers safe.

We don’t need to be reminded of the real life risks that these pose, high profile incidents such as Concord or US 1589 (Hudson River) are prime examples of what the industry face every day.

The conference will focus on key areas…

*Managing FOD comparing both conventional inspections with the growth industry of automated FOD detection

*The NEW and increasing risk of flying – UAV’s. The growing threat to aviation

*Looking at how industry tackles Bird Hazard Management on aerodromes and within its surrounding environment, looking at direct wildlife contact to scanning the skies with Avian RADAR.

*The wider wildlife threat. In many locations an extreme of wildlife pose a threat including Deer, Foxes, Big Cats (Cougars) as well as elephants and giraffe

The effects of all the above. Counting the emotional loss, financial costs and damages that this can create and the resources that are deployed to prevent such occurences.

2014 Global FOD Prevention Conference

The Global FOD Prevention Conference is due to take place on 2nd December 2014 at the Reagan National Airport, Washington DC., USA. It’s a 1-day conference and there is limited seating. Visit the conference website to sign-up.

I’ve included a summary of the agenda below:

  • 08:30 Registration (coffee and light pastries)
  • 09:00 Welcome and introductions
  • 09:30 CNN’s Miles O’Brien/Keynote Speaker
  • 10:00 Hill Panel – Moderator: CNN’s Peter Goelz
  • 11:00 Real World Data/International Airports Panel – Moderator:  Grant Bishop
  • 12:00 Lunch and networking (boxed lunch)
  • 13:00 Insurance/Liability Panel – Moderator:  Mark Dombroff
  • 14:00 Technology Panel – Moderator:  Dr Ed Herricks/FAA Center Of Excellence
  • 14:50 Break (coffee/cookies)
  • 15:00 Agency Panel – Moderator:  Ryan King/FAA
  • 16:00 Conclusion

Airports Council International Focuses on Airport Operational Excellence

The ACI World Annual General Assembly Press Conference took place on 2nd November 2011 in Marrakech, Morocco. At the conference, members unanimously passed three resolutions reiterating their intent to promote safe operations in a global regulatory environment. One of the resolutions was based around safety and operational excellence:

In the area of safety and operational excellence, the airport members unanimously passed a resolution on runway safety. The resolution calls for ACI to produce a new Runway Safety Handbook to provide state of the art guidance to airport members. “We understand that some of the contributing factors in runway accidents are under the responsibility of airport operators,” said ACI Director of Safety, Technical and Administration David Gamper. “These contributing factors include runway surface conditions, visual aids, foreign object debris and wildlife hazards. We also believe that Runway Safety Committees are needed at all airports, for all partners (ATC, airlines, pilots etc.) to discuss safety risks and agree on suitable mitigations. ACI will produce a new guidance document based on the existing Airside Safety Handbook, which will present best practices and assist members with abating the causes of runway accidents.”

Read the full article here (Focus on Travel News Website)

32nd National FOD Prevention Conference presentations

NAFPI have just made public the presentations from the 32nd conference held earlier this year.

Get them here.

The Emerging Markets FOD and Bird Strike Prevention, Runway Safety Conference

The Emerging Markets FOD and Bird Strike Prevention, Runway Safety Conference will take place on October 26 and 27 at the Aviation Club, Dubai.

The event, organised by Green Aviation and Logistics Group along with Media Sultan Group under the patronage of Department of Civil Aviation – Dubai, UAE, will highlight the latest FOD Prevention techniques, equipment, and technological advancements used in the industry to prevent Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and Bird strike Prevention, promote awareness, and combat a common enemy.

Conference objectives are to make the industry aware of the need to prevent foreign object debris/damage from our aviation/aerospace vehicles, airports, runways, manufacturing shops, flight lines and all aspects of aerospace operations. The conference also includes two days of facilitated discussion tracks, keynote presentations, learning sessions (workshops), benchmarking tours, exhibit displays and the networking opportunity with all the Airports, Airlines and safety personnel’s from across the Middle East and Emerging Markets.

BAA Global FOD Conference

BAA have announced details of their upcoming Global FOD Conference

Heathrow Airport will be holding a two-day strategic conference in late autumn 2010.The conference will provide attendees with details of the latest FOD developments, and speakers will include the UK Government, CAA, AAIB, and airline and aviation industry experts.

Further details, along with booking information, will be available from this website later in the summer, but if you would like to register your interest now, please email

Please include:

  • Your name
  • Your title
  • Your company name, address, telephone and fax numbers
  • Your email address.

You can also contact the Heathrow Airside Operations team on +44(208) 745 6690 for further information.

For more details please visit the BAA website

31st National Aerospace FOD Prevention Conference

The annual conference objective is to make the industry aware of the need to prevent foreign object debris/damage from our aviation/aerospace vehicles, airports, runways, manufacturing shops, flightlines and all aspects of aerospace operations. The conference provides an effective forum for the exchange of ideas, solutions, expertise; and is a key resource for information, training, and support. Visit for more conference information.

Conference Flyer (PDF)

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