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FODetect at Air Traffic have a short piece which highlights the fact that the FAA has published its report on FODetect

The hybrid sensor solution was tested at Boston Logan International Airport and were conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration, Williams J. Hughes Technical Center, Aviation Research Division, Airport Technology Branch and the Center of Excellence for Airport Technology, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois.

Results show that the hybrid sensor solution, consisting of integrated radar and electro-optical sensors, meets or exceeds the highest level of performance in every parameter required by FAA regulation.

Source (


Buy American waiver for FODetect

It was pointed out to me (and rightly so, many thanks) that I’ve failed to mention that Xsight’s FODetect system has been granted a Buy American waiver. Details of the companies that qualify for the Buy American policy can be found on this spreadsheet.

Xsight article at The Israel Times

There’s a nice little write up (with a video) about Xsight’s FODetect system over at The Times of Israel. Check out the article here, the video is included below, and has been added to the video’s page.

Xsight at IVC Research Center

The IVC Research Center has a page which includes a nice little video of the Xsight system in action (FODetect). The video has been added to the Videos page.

Last, but not least, the FAA report on FODetect

The FAA have published their report on the FODetect system:

Performance Assessment of a Hybrid Radar and Electro-Optical Foreign Object Debris Detection System(download)

Here’s an extract from the Xsight press release.

Xsight Systems, the provider of advanced runway sensing solutions chosen by leading airports worldwide, is proud to announce that the FAA has published its final performance assessment report on the FODetect solution. The final report follows the interim performance assessment which has been previously shared with key stakeholders.

This is the final report on The Big 4 systems, so here they all are for your convenience:

  • FODetect from Xsight (PDF-June 2012)
  • iFerret from Stratech Systems (PDF-March 2012)
  • FOD Finder from Trex Enterprises (PDF-September 2011)
  • Tarsier from QinetiQ (PDF-February 2011)


FODetect GUI

This video recently appeared on Youtube, posted by Xsight, the company behind the FODetect system. It’s clearly not a real incident, and the video has been made in near perfect conditions (clear weather, daytime etc), and there’s no sound on the video , but it’s still a good demonstration of how the system works.

Xsight targets military customers for FOD systems sales

Xsight, the Israeli manufacturer of foreign objects detection (FOD) systems, sees air force customers as a big potential market in the coming years.

The company’s FODetect system is already operational at Boston’s Logan airport in the USA, Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi international airport in Thailand, Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France, and Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport in Israel.

Xsight chief executive Alon Nitzan says indications show that 30% of sales in the coming years will be made to air force customers. “The FOD problem is very acute in a base that operates fighter aircraft, many with one engine,” he says. “The detection of objects on the runway is part of the base’s operational readiness.”

Read the whole story at flightglobal

X-Sight’s FODetect system deployed at Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK)

X-Sight have announced the deployment of their FODetect system to Suvarnabhumi International Airport :

X-Sight Systems FODetect® Automated Foreign Object Debris Detection System has been successfully deployed and handed over to Airports of Thailand at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK)

Tel Aviv, March, 2012 – X-Sight Systems (Xsight) is proud to announce the handover of the FODetect system to Airports of Thailand (AOT). The system deployment process at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport’s (BKK) two runways lasted five months and was handed over after the system successfully passed a Site Acceptance Tests according to the FAA regulation for FOD detection equipment.

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) refers to any misplaced objects found on airport surfaces that could damage aircrafts, engines, tires or fuselage, presenting a risk to passenger safety, disrupting airport services, and leading to expensive repairs. FODetect is a leading automated FOD detection technology and has been tested by the FAA at Boston’s Logan International airport. FODetect was found to meet or exceed the highest level of performance in every parameter required by FAA regulation.

As Mr. Nutt, the Vice President of Aviation Safety at AOT notes: “Safety and security have and always will be our top priority. We are proud to utilize a cutting edge automated FOD detection technology. BKK will offer its operators, airlines and passengers the ultimate in runway safety”.

Mr. Alon Nitzan President and CEO of X-Sight Systems states: “We are delighted to handover the FODetect system to AOT. By choosing to equip their runways with Xsight’s innovative hybrid sensing solution, BKK has demonstrated a heightened commitment for safety by preventing FOD mishaps. The installed system already detected a hazardous FOD on one of the runways at the airport, which was retrieved immediately and demonstrated the system’s efficiency while contributing to runway safety”.

See the full press release here.

It took more than 11 years, and it wasn’t worth the wait.

Charles de Gaulle Airport, where the Concorde accident occurred over 11 years ago have finally installed a FOD detection system, they have chosen to install a single FODspot unit at a taxiway intersection. I always thought that Charles de Gaulle should lead the way and be an early adopter of FOD detection technology, but they didn’t (luckily another airport did decide to lead the way).

So after 11 years of dithering the end result is a single safer taxiway intersection. Who knows, in 20-30 years they might have a safer runway, I for one won’t be holding my breath.

Download the Press Release (or don’t)

Israel Airports Authority and X-Sight Systems sign a major contract

X-Sight have just released details of their contract to supply FODetect to Ben-Gurion International Airport (BGIA) in Tel Aviv, Israel.

From the press release:

The IAA’s selection of the FODetect® system for BGIA followed a rigorous two year evaluation process. The IAA determined that the Xsight FODetect® system is the best fit to the airport’s runway performance requirements. Furthermore, the IAA is confident that the FODetect® system will reduce the risk of FOD damage to aircrafts and thus increase flight safety for all passengers & cabin crew members alike.

I believe that the FODetect system was the only system that underwent an evaluation at BGIA. I also believe this is the first sale of a FODetect system.

Source (press release)

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