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The FOD*Boss in action, and a FOD iPhone app!

As we all know, detection is only half of the solution, whatever your method of detection, at some point you have to get out there and pick the stuff up. The video below shows the FOD*Boss in action:

It’s great to see that the system also has an iPhone app! 


FOD video from Xsight

Xsight have posted a new video on YouTube which demonstrates their FODetect system

Xsight article at The Israel Times

There’s a nice little write up (with a video) about Xsight’s FODetect system over at The Times of Israel. Check out the article here, the video is included below, and has been added to the video’s page.

Xsight at IVC Research Center

The IVC Research Center has a page which includes a nice little video of the Xsight system in action (FODetect). The video has been added to the Videos page.

FODetect GUI

This video recently appeared on Youtube, posted by Xsight, the company behind the FODetect system. It’s clearly not a real incident, and the video has been made in near perfect conditions (clear weather, daytime etc), and there’s no sound on the video , but it’s still a good demonstration of how the system works.

AIR Boss airfield inspection and management system

Trex have released a short video which demos their Air Boss system, here’s the blurb and video:

Trex Aviation Systems is now offering the AIR Boss digital airfield inspection and management system. The AIR Boss system comes complete with iPad, AIR Boss software, reporting, training, database service and Trex 365 support. All for a few dollars a day per unit. This system is in service with both commercial and military airfields. AIR Boss includes audio/visual warning system to help prevent runway incursions. Check it out!

MCAS Yuma clears objects off flightline[video]

Here’s a great little video of Trex’s FOD Finder system in use at MCAS Yuma. It’s obvious from listening to Grant that Trex are not only serious about detecting FOD, but also committed to understanding where the FOD came from, and about retrieving the FOD. (I’m not keen on the pen input for the tablet though)


U.S. Air Force FOD Prevention Video

Dr FOD explains the dangers of Foreign Object Damage

These old RAF videos are not very politically correct, but they are informative.

Updated FOD Finder video on YouTube

There has been a FOD Finder video on YouTube for quite some time, but a  higher quality and slightly updated version appeared yesterday. Interestingly the mention of price has been dropped from the latest version.

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