FOD Detection 101
Our basic service is a one day course hosted at the client’s site. The aim is to provide the attendees with a thorough understanding of all the factors that would need to be considered before embarking on the purchase of a FOD detection system. Entitled FOD Detection 101, this course would typically be undertaken by clients prior to them approaching the various FOD detection system vendors.

Topics covered include:

  • Background
  • Current FOD detection system deployments
  • Fixed vs mobile systems – the effect on risk
  • Active and passive systems – pros and cons
  • Understanding Radar Cross Section (RCS)
  • Understanding Image Processing
  • Trade offs between system sensitivity and false alarms
  • Sensor locations (includes a preliminary site design for your airfield for each of the detection systems currently available)
  • Attending system demonstrations – dos and don’ts
  • FOD cataloging systems – the effect on FOD prevention

Other Services
Details of other services are available upon request. Please use the Contact Us form.

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