At we recognize that visiting a website to check for new articles is not the most efficient use of someone’s time. In order to make it easy to see if has been updated we’re offering 4 methods of receiving updates:


Each new article at automatically generates a Tweet, this Tweet will contain a link back to the original article. Simply follow us on Twitter. I also welcome any comments or questions via Twitter.


RSS is a very useful method for following updates from lots of websites (most sites support RSS), and is no exception. Simply add this link to your RSS reader of choice. If you don’t use an RSS Reader I can highly recommend Google Reader.

LinkedIn FOD Group

As well as this website I also manage the FOD group at LinkedIn. Each article that appears at is also posted to the group’s home page, where it can be discussed in a more private setting.

Monthly Newsletter

The newsletter is emailed monthly and contains all articles from the previous month. To subscribe to the the newsletter please use the subscription form below.

Newsletter Subscription

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