Xsight enters distribution and product integration agreement with SAIC

Xsight press release

Companies to provide Automatic Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and runway situational awareness systems for US Department of Defense (DoD) and Civil airports.

Boston, Massachusetts, 30th, March, 2009 – Xsight Systems, developer and manufacturer of the FODetect® system, today announced it has reached an agreement with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) [NYSE: SAI], a FORTUNE 500® scientific, engineering, and technology applications company. The agreement covers the distribution, product integration and support of Xsight’s FOD detection technology, providing SAIC with exclusive sales, installation and support rights to all US DoD related airports worldwide. In addition, SAIC receives non-exclusive rights to sales in US Civil Aviation airports.

Under the terms of the agreement SAIC will lead marketing and sales activities and will provide installation, training, support, and related services and products to DoD and Civil Aviation airport customers.

FOD, or Foreign Object Debris, refers to any misplaced objects found on airport surfaces that could potentially damage an aircraft’s engines, tires or fuselage, potentially leading to expensive repairs, lengthy delays and safety impairments. The direct damage caused by FOD is estimated to cost the aviation industry around US$4 billion a year.

Xsight’s FODetect® is a real-time, innovative and effective technological solution to this costly and potentially dangerous problem. It provides a high resolution detection capability based on a combined electro-optical and radar solution for continuous monitoring and detection of FOD on airport surfaces. Its capability and resolution enable detection of small objects, providing airport operators with both alert and analysis abilities.

“We are extremely proud to be collaborating with SAIC. This agreement is a major breakthrough in the promotion of our flagship technology, the FODetect® system, in the US market. SAIC has experience in incorporating advanced technologies in military and commercial markets as well as logistics and operation capabilities. This agreement positions Xsight Systems as a leading provider of FOD detection and runway situational awareness systems to the aviation industry,” said Alon Nitzan, President and CEO of Xsight Systems.

“We are pleased to work with Xsight Systems. They have developed a concept and solution for a significant challenge that has potential financial and safety repercussions for the entire aviation industry,” said John Haima, Senior Vice President of Business Development for SAIC’s Logistics and Engineering Solutions Business Unit.

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