Debris left on runway for 11 mins while aircraft continued to land

An interesting, (and quite worrying) incident took place recently at Charlotte Douglas International, it was reported by the Charlotte Observer. According to the report:

Federal aviation officials are investigating why an American Airlines plane landing in heavy fog Sunday night in Charlotte veered partially off the runway and then scraped a wingtip, as frightened passengers gasped and braced inside.

The impact left parts of the wing and debris on runway 36C, but planes continued to land for another 11 minutes until the runway was closed for planned maintenance about 11 p.m.

If a FOD detection system had been operating at CLT, not only would they have been alerted to the existence of FOD earlier, but the system could also have reduced the closure time by informing airside staff when the runway was clear. Of the FOD detection systems currently available, those that utilize Radar for detection would have had a clear advantage here, as their detection capability would have been unaffected by the heavy fog.

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