Runway Safety: FOD, Birds, and the Case For Automated Runway Scanning

Iain McCreary (author of The Economic Cost of FOD) has published a new report entitled: Runway Safety: FOD, Birds, and the Case For Automated Runway Scanning.

The report has a dedicated website. Here’s the description:

The risks posed by Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and birds on the runway represent one of the largest economic and cost-reduction opportunities available to the aviation industry. Ironically, they are also among the least understood and least discussed risks. With combined costs in excess of US $35,000 per 10K aircraft movements, FOD and bird strikes on the runway cost airlines roughly $21 per flight, and as much as $0.12 (12?) per passenger.

This in-depth report is the best and most useful analysis of runway safety, FOD, and on-runway strikes available.

Data driven and values neutral, the report is useful to airlines seeking cost reduction measures; airports building an investment case for automated scanning; regulators setting safety policy; aerospace investors; consultants; technology vendors; and anyone interested in this emerging field.

Structured for easy reading, and quickly digestible with tools to support your own analyses, the report is quickly becoming ‘required reading’ in the aviation community. Whether you are a regulator, airport operator, airline, service provider, or technology vendors, this report has the answers to your questions about FOD, bird strikes, and automated runway scanning.

Nobody understands the case for FOD detection like Iain, so if you’re considering investing in a FOD detection system then I highly recommend taking a look.

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