Foreign object debris surveillance network for runway security

Just came across this article in Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology journal, here’s the abstract:

Purpose – Foreign object debris (FOD) poses a significant hazard to aviation safety and brings huge economic losses to the aerospace industry due to aircraft damage and out-of-service delays. Different schemes and sensors have been utilized for FOD detection. This paper aims to look into a video-based FOD detection system for airport runway security and propose a scheme for FOD surveillance network establishment.

Design/methodology/approach – The FOD detection algorithm for the system is analyzed in detail, including four steps of pre-processing, background subtraction, post-processing and FOD location.

Findings – The overall algorithm is applied to two sets of live video images. The results show that the algorithm is effective for FOD targets of different shades under different lighting conditions. The proposed system is also evaluated by the ground-truth data collected at Nanyang Airport.

Practical implications – The runway security can be greatly increased by designing an affordable video-based FOD detection system.

Originality/value – The paper presents critical techniques of video-based FOD detection system. The scheme for FOD surveillance network, as a significant part of aviation risk management at airports, is applicable and extensible.

Here’s the link.

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