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Xsight’s FODetect system also makes an appearance at today, but rather than a general article that references the Concorde disaster they are pushing the use of their FODetect – Intersections product for Winter operations. In the article they refer to FODetect – Intersections, I’m not sure this is the current name of the product, as I believe it was changed to FODspot.

Here’s the article in full:

Xsight Systems has launched the new FODetect-Intersections product to provide Foreign Object Debris (FOD) detection for airports’ critical areas. The scalable system has been developed to cover FOD hot-spots and can be easily expanded to cover full runways, taxiways, or all intersections throughout the airport.

Based on Xsight’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) endorsed FODetect technology, the multi-sensor system utilises both radar and cameras for detection. In addition, it also provides source ascription to identify the original cause of the debris.

Alon Nitzan, CEO, Xsight Systems, explained: “The FODetect ascription technology and method offers the airport the ability not only to rapidly detect FOD, but also to identify the vehicle or aircraft that dropped it and to take the appropriate preventative action.”

While the technology has been developed primarily for FOD detection, it can also be of benefit for winter services, as in winter conditions the cameras can be used to monitor the snow clearing process.

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