Last, but not least, the FAA report on FODetect

The FAA have published their report on the FODetect system:

Performance Assessment of a Hybrid Radar and Electro-Optical Foreign Object Debris Detection System(download)

Here’s an extract from the Xsight press release.

Xsight Systems, the provider of advanced runway sensing solutions chosen by leading airports worldwide, is proud to announce that the FAA has published its final performance assessment report on the FODetect solution. The final report follows the interim performance assessment which has been previously shared with key stakeholders.

This is the final report on The Big 4 systems, so here they all are for your convenience:

  • FODetect from Xsight (PDF-June 2012)
  • iFerret from Stratech Systems (PDF-March 2012)
  • FOD Finder from Trex Enterprises (PDF-September 2011)
  • Tarsier from QinetiQ (PDF-February¬†2011)


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