Free copy of runway safety FOD report

Iain McCreary has very generously released his FOD report titled “Runway Safety: FOD, Birds, and the Case for Automated Scanning” to the public (previously priced at $1200)


Here’s Iain’s statement that goes along with the public release of the report:

Blame Aesop’s Fables, but I hate the idea of playing ‘the dog in the manger’. I’ve gotten everything I’m going to get out of my Dec2010/Jan2011 book on FOD and runway safety; the website selling the report is coming down; and I have since moved on to other projects and sectors…

While I no longer have use for the report, you might? There is a lot of useful detail in there. Most of the regulatory action/decisions/language on this subject is being driven by my work; and just because I am no longer using or selling the report…

I am passing the file to FAA, ICAO, and others (for them to share, if they choose) but thought this community might like direct access. With my blessing, if you’d like to download a free and unrestricted electronic copy of report (which was selling online for $1200) please go right ahead. Use it internally. Share it with clients. Email it around. Post it on websites. Blog about it. Burn it in effigy… Do whatever you wish. No charge, no restrictions. If the thing can be of use to you, I am happy to let it be used.

As ever, I make no pretence about the work, and describe it as simply being the best wrong answer available. That said, my prediction for United’s cost of FOD and birds was $109M pa, and United’s Managing Director for Ground Safety’s in-house estimate was $113M, so I’m not completely out of line (yes, I realize this was a fluke, but its a convenient one!)

(300 pages. Full color. Sized for US 8.5×11 letter pages. ~20MB. Note that all copyright restrictions remain in place)

Download the report here.

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