10 ways to prevent plane bird strikes

An interesting article from the BBC today titled “10 ways to prevent plane bird strikes

Hardly a week goes by without a plane somewhere in the US making an emergency landing after hitting birds. As these incidents reach record levels, airports are coming up with increasingly imaginative ways of combating them.

Detection using RADAR gets in mention in item 10:

10.The Dutch air¬†force is using a bird detecting radar that could eventually be adopted by civil aircraft. “We’ve known since WWII that radar can see birds, when they were coming across the Channel and they figured it was birds and not German bombers,” says Begier. These bird detecting radars are small and mobile, and technology has come on in the last 10 years, but they can’t yet identify the species or numbers. “The ability to delay a commercial flight with technology that’s not quite there is the problem.”

The above might be referring to the robin radar system.

Source: BBC

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