Chicago O’Hare is now operating the 2012 FOD Finder

I recently commented on a video from Trex (the company responsible for the FOD Finder), I mentioned that I wasn’t keen on the pen input for the tablet device displayed in their video. Grant Bishop (COO at TREX Aviation Systems) has sent an update (see below) to FOD which describes the latest updates to the FOD Finder system (including the use of an iPad):

by Grant Bishop, COO at TREX Aviation Systems

The 2012 FOD Finder now operates via wireless iPAD operation.  The iPAD now controls the entire radar/vacuum/airfield management system.  The FOD Finder radar and vacuum are now mounted on a single platform allowing for easy drop-in installation to the bed of any US full size pickup.  The vacuum motor provides power to the radar which keeps the entire kit self contained.  All the operator needs is the iPAD which comes a simple mounting system that fits any vehicle.

The FOD Finder iPAD app allows the operator to zoom in/zoom out with a quick flick of the fingers.  Photos and movies can be taken and linked to any airfield discrepancy.  The new vacuum is ready for both winter/summer ops with a water suppression system that can also deploy approved anti icing fluids for winter operations.

The 2012 FOD Finder is available for lease starting at $9100/month which includes all service, parts and support for the equipment—all you have to do is drive!  Our Support team also empty, sort and categorize the debris collected and provide a weekly report detailing the FOD removed for the airport’s SMS program.

Why go mobile?  Ray Hoffelt/Chicago O’Hare Ops Supervisor has developed a great technique with the FOD Finder for highlighting FOD safety at the boarding gates.  Ray scans the gate area prior to the next aircraft arriving and takes pictures of any FOD items detected by the FOD Finder radar.  These pictures are linked and reported automatically via email.  Ray then sends the report and data to the airline supervisor responsible for the gate area.  This is a very effective method for stopping FOD at the source (see pictures below).

In addition to the FOD Finder, Trex is now offering the iPAD with the Airfield Management app for use as a standalone system for use in any airport vehicle.  The system generates airfield inspection reports that meet FAA, ICAO and Military Airfield Inspection requirements and networks with other Trex iPAD equipped vehicles.  These systems also integrate with the FOD Finder mobile and fixed systems.  The iPAD and Airfield management app system is available for lease starting at $99.95/month per unit.

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