If only the sales were as high as the hype!

An interesting article discussing Stratech (the makers of iFerret) and their expected revenue over the next FY. Full article here.

Currently, both iFerret and the security monitoring systems are contributing equally to revenue, Chew says, but the iFerret will eventually be far and away the largest contributor. By his reckoning, the market for FOD surveillance systems could be as large as US$51 billion, if just 2% of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) airports implement it. In fact, he is betting that, with the financing packages Stratech is providing, the iFerret will be as common in airports as photocopiers are in offices. รข We want iFerret to be as pervasive as the photocopy machine. When it became a leasing business, every office could have a copy machine, he says.

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