Xsight touts the bird detection capabilities of FODetect

A recent article at Airport World describes Xsight’s bird detection features, read the full article here. Here’s a snippet:

One such system, Xsight Systems’ FODetect, utilises Surface Detection Unit (SDU) sensors located across the airport’s surface for high resolution and swift detection.

Each SDU combines a millimetre-wave radar sensor and an optic sensor with Near Infra-Red (NIR) illumination for improved night performance, and when integrated with an airport’s elevated runway or taxiway edge lighting infrastructure, converts them into smart edge lights which can be used to detect hazardous objects, birds and other wildlife.

The technology allows an entire runway to be scanned between each ground movement and – if required – live video, GPS co-ordinates and a laser pointer can assist airport staff in identifying the location of any FOD or wildlife, allowing for their swift and efficient removal.

All detection data and images and video recordings are archived and tagged, allowing for a comprehensive statistics reporting system, which documents all events.

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